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About Us

Carpentry Work

I've been self-employed in construction since I was 20 years old. I owe that longevity to the fact I built my business on word of mouth, through hard work, long hours, being fair and honest, and never sacrificing quality. I continue to strive to be a craftsman first and a business owner second in this industry.

Personalized Approach

Carpenter at Work
Construction Project

Excellence and Professionalism

Alot of things can go wrong in a renovation. I make sure to start things off with a site visit, see any deficiencies or potential problems that could arise, and offer creative solutions to your project. My main goal is to ensure things are done right the first time as efficiently as possible, and they are built to last while treating your home with the same respect I would treat my own.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

My team and I have a wealth of construction experience between all of us, and are outfitted to do any job safely,effectively and in a timely manner to ensure the process doesn't drag on any longer then necessary.

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